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Fiberdur® founded in 1962 represents over 50 years of succesfull experience in manufacturing and designing GRE/GRP pipe systems and other specialised liquid transmission systems. Fiberdur produces and sells all over the world pipe systems and accessories out of hot-cured glass fibre reinforced resins.

Fiberdur GRE/GRP filament wound pipes are manufactured of Polyester, Vinylester- or Epoxy-resin and glass fibre rovings. The automated production process is followed by hot curing thus ensuring high and constant mechanical strength.

The pipes are available in standard product range with a nominal diameter of 25-2000 mm for pressure classes 6,10 and 16 bar (larger diameters and alternative pressure classes are available on request). We point to the aptitude for high pressure and its long service lifetime. Furthermore Fiberdur products are subject to an extensive quality control system ensuring a continually high quality standard.

Our pipes and pipe systems are used mainly in the following application fields:

  • Power plant construction
  • Petrochemical and chemical industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Water treatment and construction of water wells
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Supply of screens, casing and pumps
  • Geothermal industry

Fiberdur is a competent supplier to the chemical and petrochemical industry, to the water authorities and shipbuilders as well as well-known major power plant construction companies.

We are of course in a position to cooperate with any preferred local drilling contractor in the following way:

  • Supply of screen and casing of our production in GRE, GRVE or GRP
  • Riser pipes called Riserdur of our production in GRE, GRVE or GRP
  • Fibergeotherm
  • High pressure pipelines

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