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We understand our mission as to offer our customers throughout the world at any time a reliable, efficient and exceptionally qualified solution and state-of-the-art procuts.

Our product range covers a wide and flexible assortment of GRP-pipes and systems, which find their legitimate use especially in the application fields: power plant, shipbuilding, chemical industry and water treatment as well as by conducting aggressive liquids and by transporting water as cooling- raw- or thermal water in geothermal energy systems. Besides, we supply state-of-the art drilling rigs and each kind of pumps to win these media.

Thus we offer our customers a wide program by means of which customized, or if necessary, innovative solutions for extraction, conveyance and transport of very different media can be assembled with the highest level of support both before and after delivery. This justifies employee pride and both customer gain and confidence.

Our decade-long experiend with the product "GRP" permits us to keep us up-to-date via the product know-how and simultaneously presenting to our customers competitive alternatives to substitution products such as stainless steel. This long lasting dealing with the product "GRP" has been quite successful has made experts identify our product name "Fiberdur" with "GRP". Our mission is to go on with this development and to strenghen it. Our mission is to go on with this development and to strengthen it.

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