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Fiberdur® is the world-copyright commercial name of the quality glass fiber reinforced products which we have been supplying for more than fifty years.

A wide product range of piping systems made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, backed by solid engineering know-how ensures our ability to cope successfully with the technically evermore challenging tasks of both today and tomorrow. The advantages provided by Fiberdur® products are due to decades of experience with glass fibre reinforced pipe systems, manufacturing techniques adapted to raw materials and a comprehensive quality control system according to DNV ISO 9001:2015.

Systematically carried-out checks and tests ensure the continually high quality standard of Fiberdur® products. The application of standard test procedures is of central importance in the design, quality control and technical specification data gathering for our GRP-products. In this way, the key properties of the raw material are systematically controlled.
This ensures that no product is supplied unless it meets the specification details outlined in the Fiberdur® catalogue or the customer's specification.


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