Application fields


In virtually every industrial operation there is a requirement for pipe systems. They carry oil and fuel, raw materials, coolants, chemicals, water, liquid or gaseous by products, and very often finished or semi-finished products, from fertilisers to foodstuff. Each application has defined performance properties within specific diameter sizes over differing transport length and in particular environment and installation conditions. A pipe system can be buried underground or exposed to weathering, it can be in static structure like a refinery, or a mobile one such as a ship, it may be rigid or it may need to provide for a degree of flexibility.

Fiberdur® filament wound, glass fibre reinforced pipes can be manufactured to precisely match application specification. Based on either epoxy resin (EP) or vinyl ester resin (VE), these pipes are resistant to heat, cold, acids, solvents and other chemicals. With these special qualities, the Fiberdur® Pipe systems have no negative influence on foodstuffs or potable water.


  • Chemicals
  • Cooling Water
  • Fire Fighting
  • Water Treatment
  • Processed Water
  • Exhaused Gases


  • Cooling Water Lines
  • Fire Protection Lines
  • Process Water Lines
  • Spray Header Systems
  • Suspension Lines


  • Scrubber Lines
  • Ballast Water Lines
  • Cruide Oil- and Transfer Lines
  • Drinking Water Lines
  • Sanitary Lines


  • Geothermy
  • Thermal Water Lines
  • Water Well Riser Pipes
  • District Heating Pipeline
  • Cable Protection Pipes

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