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High quality, combined with decades of experience and engineering efficiency secure the technical basis for progress in dealing with successively higher technical requirements in actual industrial applications.

Incomparable material:
It is particularly interesting to compare materials that are applied under similar or identical conditions, namely steel or polyethylene. Though, of course each case has to be assessed individually and though the one or other material has to be eliminated, it becomes obvious, that GRP wins off in nearly every “discipline”. The investment costs are quickly compensated by very low operating costs.


Chemical Industry

  • Chemical Lines
  • Cooling Water
  • Fire Protection
  • Waste Water Lines

Steel Industry

  • Pickling Plant for sulphuric acid

Water treatment

  • Potable Water line with NSF approval
  • Desalination lines
  • Cooling water lines

Refineries/Gas Storage

  • Fire Protection Line
  • Cruide oil lines

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