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Plastics have changed the world in which we live. We come across thermoplastics such as PVC, PE, PVDF etc. in almost everything we do. As toys, domestic equipment and in vehicles. This is why we often make the mistake of seeing these as the only type of “plastic”. Glass fibre reinforced pipes are completely different. They belong to the family of thermoset plastics and are thermally stable. The mechanical properties are more like those of metallic materials rather than thermoplastic.

It is particularly interesting to compare materials that are applied under similar or identical conditions, namely steel or polyethylene. Though, of course each case has to be assessed individually, and though the one or other material has to be eliminated, it becomes obvious, that GRP wins off in nearly every "discipline".

Cost efficiency

The investment costs are quickly compensated by very low operating costs. Compared to erections made of traditional steel pipe products the fibreglass technology offers significant advantages so that fibreglass is competitive for both brand new pipe systems or replacement installations and proves its benefits for applications with larger diameters, high pressure and anti corrosion.

Resistance and light weight

Glassfibre reinforced piping systems (GRP) are absolutely resistant to rotting and corrosion including soils, salt water, and for many chemical applications.

The smooth inner surface ensures a low flow resistance and less adherences. Piping elements have got low weight even though equipped with high consistency and stability against vibration.

Easy installation and connection

Due to our fully developed screw-free connection technology installation works can be made fast and worth the money. The low net weight of the piping system pays off in easy handling and transport.

Proven and fully-developed technology. Tough connection technology because of no screwing

Maintenance free

GRP pipes are maintenance free, so that Fiberdur solution is extremely profitable in the long term.

Suitable for food/drinking water

Fiberdur pipe systems are suitable to transport drinking water and well water. We are certified by NSF.

Long service life

Fiberdur pipe systems offer a considerably long service lifetime.

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