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Fiberdur CSVE 16/10

Fiberdur® filament-wound pipes “Fiberdur CSVE 16/10” are manufactured from Vinylester with a special chemical protection layer. They are available in the standard product range with nominal diameters of 25-1200 mm for pressures 16 and 10 bar (nominal pressure). Nominal diameters up to 2000 mm are available on request.

CSVE pipes are hotcured in a curing station at a temperature of more than 90°C. This curing results in a thorough impregnation of the elementary fibres. Production lengths of the pipes are approx. 6 m for DN 25-80, 10 m for DN 100 and larger.


(1) Resin-rich interior coating, highly corrosion-proof 2,5 mm

(2) Laminate rovings embedded in resin

(3) Topcoat 0,3 mm

Wall thickness and number of layers of the reinforcing material according to the requirements. The winding angle is 54°. Glass content in the structural layer 70 ± 5% (weight), in the chemical protection- and abrasion layer 25 ± 5% (weight).

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