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Fiberdur EP 16/10

Fiberdur® filament-wound pipes “Fiberdur EP 10/16” are manufactured from Epoxy resin and glassfibre rovings in filament winding process. The automated production process followed by hot curing ensures high and constant mechanical strength.

Fiberdur® pipe systems are available in the standard product range with nominal diameters of 25-1200 mm for pressures 16 and 10 bar (nominal pressure). Other pressure classes are available on request.

Our pipes are supplied with integral bell and spigot ends. This design allows fast installation in the case of long and mainly straight runs both for buried and overground applications. All pipes are available in Navicon (electrically conductive) or with lock seal joint.

We recommend epoxy resin for applications with higher temperatures.



(1) Resin-rich interior coating, highly corrosion-proof 0,5 mm

(2) Laminate rovings embedded in resin

(3) Topcoat 0,3 mm



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