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Fiberchem Type B

Fiberdur® lined GRP pipes are manufactured in accordance to DIN 16965/66 from vinylester or polyester resin with thermoplastic inliner made of PP-H, PP-H 2222-36, PVC-C, PVC-U and PVDF. Lined GRP pipes are available in a standard product range with nominal diameters of 25 - 500 mm and for pressure ratings of 6, 10 and 16 bar (nominal pressure). Further diameters, pressure ratings and liner materials are available on request.

Wall thickness, material choice for resin and thermoplastic liner and number of layers are defined according to special requirements of customers. Glass content in the structural layer is 60 ± 5%; the thermoplastic inliner has a thickness of 3 - 4 mm and an adherent layer of max. 1.0 mm between liner and laminate.


(1) Thermoplastic inliner 3-4 mm
incl. adherent layer max 1,0 mm

(2) Laminate fibre embedded in resin

(3) Topcoat max 0,2 mm



  • Flue gas desulphurisation plants
  • Chlorine electrolysis
  • Pickling plants
  • Petrol chemistry
  • Chemical industry

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