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Fiberchem Type E

Fiberdur GRP Pipes Type E are made according to DIN 19965 from insaturated Polyester resin and textile fibre glass. The mass content of the glass is 40% max. and has to be distributed evenly over the entire surface. The inner layer consists of a resin layer with a thickness of approx. 0,5 mm reinforced by C-glass fleece. For an inner layer of at least 2,5 mm thickness the glass content is (30+5)%. Exceeding this thickness the glass content may increase to (35-5)%. If the wall thickness of S4 is >=6,5 mm it is also possible to use textile glass mats of E-glass besides of textile glass mats, however this is not valid for an area of at least 2,5 mm, starting at the inner pipe surface. The exterior coating consists of a layer of C-glass or synthetic fleece and a resin layer with a thickness of 0,3 mm.

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