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Fibermarine, Fibermarine HighLine,
Fibermarine conductive (Navicon)

The marine environment is, by its nature, highly corrosive. For the shipbuilding industry Fiberdur offers two product series: Fibermarine, designed for full vacuum and Fibermarine HighLine designed for full vacuum (collapse resistance) plus 30 meters water column (3:1 safety).

Fibermarine pipe systems design have proven to last the lifetime of the ship. Our pipe design is in full compliance with the IMO resolution A753 (18) Level 3 and furthermore Fiberdur is approved by the major classification societies. Fibermarine pipe systems are type approved in the diameter range 25 mm(1”) up to 1200 mm (48”). Whenever larger diameters are required, special project approvals can be supplied and certified according to class.

Fibermarine pipe systems are available in rated pressure classes up to 16 bar. Beside the standard Fibermarine and Fibermarine HighLine pipe systems it is possible to design other configurations of internal and external pressure on customer request.

All pipe systems are also available in Fibermarine conductive (Navicon). For applications in zones of high explosion risk in the chemical industry, and especially in the shipbuilding industry, Fiberdur supplies Navicon pipes, providing continuously good conduction. Navicon piping is manufactured from epoxy or vinylester resin using the cross-filament process and includes a barrier for chemical protection.


(1) Resin-rich interior coating,
highly corrosion-proof 0,5 mm

(2) Laminate rovings embedded in resin

(3) Topcoat 0,3 mm



  • Scrubber Lines
  • Seawater Bilge and Ballast Water (incl. BWT Systems)
  • Fire Fighting Lines
  • Condensate Lines
  • Sounding and Ventilation Lines
  • Black and Grey Water Lines
  • Potable Water Lines
  • Tank Cleaning Lines
  • Jet-Water Lines
  • Crude Oil Washing Lines
  • Heeling Lines
  • Pool Drainage Lines
  • Cargo Lines
  • Inert Gas
  • Sewage
  • Sanitary Drains and Auxiliary Lines

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