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For the water distribution system and winter pipes in cooling towers Fiberdur developed a new GRP piping system “Flexidur” which could be used allowing a pressure resistance up to 6 bars and an angle-flexible connection up to 6 degrees.

Flexidur piping system is both a lightweight system and a system than can be installed very easily. The connection is purely mechanical kind without the use of additives such as adhesives and laminate. In particular, the ease of installation under adverse weather conditions was at the forefront of the development.

While manufacturing the pipe a joint sleeve is integrated in the winding process. This joint sleeve serves to enter a cylindrical pipe end. An O-ring which can be modified in strength and condition according to the requirements, guarantees the leak tightness against an internal pressure of up to 3 bar. The introduction of the O-ring happens by means of a conveying technology. A support ring avoids the sliding out of the O-ring as of a diameter of DN 500. By angling down the cylindrical spigot it is possible that the pipes are ordered polygon-wise and circularly.


  • Waterdistribution pipes
  • Winter pipes
  • Pressureless deviation pipes in general
  • Buried deviation pipe systems without pressure

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