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Fiberdur developed a special GRP piping system for applications in nuclear power stations. The design of this economic pipe system is in full accordance with the security rules of nuclear power stations. Glass fibre reinforced pipe systems have many advantages compared to the traditional materials. The have proven to be corrosion free, maintenance free, fire resistant and low weight.

Fiberdur pipe systems are available in diameters DN 25 to DN 1200 with 0,5 mm liner and 2,5 mm liner for pressures 16 and 20 bar and temperature up to 95° C. The outside is protected by a top coat.

Special wall thickness for seismic safety could be delivered. Fiberdur pipe systems can also be supplied as prefabricated spools for quick installation.

Fiberdur pipe systems are approved for use in nuclear power stations by EDF in France.

The following jointing methods are available:
Bonding connection, laminated connection, flange connection, rubber seal lock joint

The Fiberdur pipe system has passed a special fire test successfully to ensure safety in nuclear power stations. The pipe system could be used for fire fighting systems in the machine house.



  • Cooling water
  • Raw Water
  • Sewage Water
  • Sprinkler and fire main systems
  • Seawater Cooling systems
  • Backwash water
  • Water treatment
  • Guide pipe

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