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Fiberdur Riserpipe

Fiberdur is operating nationally and internationally in the water-well industry. We supply a wide range of products made from GRP, stainless steel and from other materials related to the water-well industry. These products like casings, screens, riser pipes and their accessories are mainly used in water wells.

Glassfibre reinforced piping systems are absolutely resistant to rotting and corrosion. Piping elements have got low weight even though equipped with high consistency and stability against vibration. Due to our fully developed screw-free connection technology installation works can be made fast and worth the money. The low dead weight of the piping system pays off in easy handling and transport. GRP pumping riser pipes are, furthermore maintenance free, so that Fiberdur solution is extremely profitable in the long-term.

Types of connection systems are:

  • Axial restraint key lock connection with anti rotation resistance
  • Screwed connection
  • Flange connection


  • High chemical resistance
  • No rotting, no corrosion
  • High strength, also against vibration
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Less adherences
  • Quick installation, easy handling due to low weight and pipe lengths of 10 m
  • Long durability at constant high flow rate
  • Lower thermal expansion than stainless steel
  • Proven and fully-developed technology
  • Solutions with optimized material
  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • Smooth inner surface, low flow resistance and little risk of incrustation or bacteria’s growth
  • High temperature stability in comparison to thermoplastics

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