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Fiberdur Thermothan

Fiberdur® Thermothan pipeline systems are pre insulated. For the conduction of hot water or condensates in long-distance energy supply systems, as well as thermal waters and hot or cold media in process engineering, Fiberdur provides pre-insulated corrosion-proof Thermothan pipeline systems.

Thermothan consists of prefabricated pipe components including a Fiberdur medium-carrying pipe made of glass fibre reinforced epoxy or vinylester resin, a circular-shaped heat insulator made of rigid expanded polyurethane and an external water-tight jacket pipe made of impact-resistant polyethylene (HDPE).

As required, the Thermothan piping system can be supplied with an extra separate heating appliance.

The GRP pipes are manufactured by filament winding process on the basis of epoxy resin. Curing occurs in curing station at a temperature of more than 120°C. This curing results in a thorough impregnation of the elementary fibres. Production lengths of the pipes are approx. 10 m for DN 150 and larger. The available dimensions are DN 25 – DN 300.

Wall thickness and number of layers of the reinforcing material according to the requirements. The winding angle is 54°. Glass content in the structural layer is 70 ± 5% (weight), in the chemical protection- and abrasion layer 25 ± 5 Gew. -% (weight).



  • Internally and externally corrosion proof
  • Optimum heat insulation
  • Simple, tried-and-tested connected technology
  • Measures against leak current are unnecessary
  • Minimal hydraulic losses due to smooth inside wall surfaces
  • Easy to assemble because of lightweight

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