The marine environment is, by its nature, highly corrosive. Any dry dock operation is a costly matter for both ship owners and operating companies. Glassfiber reinforced pipe systems provide a state-of-the-art solution against corrosion. Fiberdur® pipe systems blend the advantages of composite materials, such as lightweight, easy installation, and excellent durability, and have proven to last the lifetime of the vessel. Our pipe systems are corrosion resistant against seawater, minimized adhesion of algae, and are maintenance-free.

Due to the new legislation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) many ships need to be equipped with scrubber units to ensure cleaner air and less SOx & NOx. Fiberdur ® designs and manufactures special pipe systems for these applications and has more than 4O years’ experience in flue gas cleaning. The light weight and long-term resistance have made GRP, the material of choice for scrubber equipment.

Materials used on offshore installations are faced with extremely high requirements.

Our GRP products are designed to cope with these demanding environmental conditions, remain structurally stable and maintenance-free throughout the life of the installation. As a manufacturer, we guarantee the durability of our systems and avoid unplanned additional costs for our customers.


  • Seawater Cooling Lines
  • SeawaterBilge and Ballast Water (incl. BWT systems)
  • Fire Fighting Lines
  • Condensate Lines m Sounding and Ventilation Lines
  • Black and Grey Water Lines
  • Potable Water Lines
  • Tank Cleaning Lines
  • Jet-Water Lines
  • Crude Oil Washing Lines
  • Heeling Lines
  • ScrubberLines & Pool Drainage Lines
  • Cargo Lines
  • Inert Gas m Sewage
  • Sanitary Drains and Auxiliary Lines
  • Cooling water lines
  • Flue gas cleaning systems
  • Drain pipes
  • Fire Fighting lines
  • Pool lines/exhaust air lines


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